Fischbach in Styria

Escape the everyday...

At 1050 m above sea level it is easy to escape the daily hustle and bustle! Fischbach is amongst the most beautiful mountain villages in Styria and was named a high-altitude spa town due to its healthy fresh air. The idyllic town of Fischbach not only stands for excellent air, but also for treating the natural landscape sustainably. On the south side of the Fischbacher Alps - at the heart of Peter Rosegger's Waldheimat - it invites you to spend unforgettable holidays with its sunny, high-altitude location as well as its lack of humid summer nights and cloudy winter days. Here you can still find a bit of real nature: the forest is intact, the air is pure and the water is refreshing, cleansing and revitalising.

The countryside dresses differently for every season: In spring Fischbach is in bloom, in summer the light forests provide pleasant shadows, in autumn the trees' play of colours invite you to take enjoyable hikes, and in winter the snow-covered countryside entices you.

Pure peace and relaxation - summer in Fischbach
Church in Fischbach, the high-altitude spa town
Hiking and relaxing in Peter Rosegger's Waldheimat

It is the changing of seasons that ensures inner balance. Body and soul go hand in hand through the unspoilt countryside - for Kneipp therapy at the natural swimming pool, as well as on walks, hikes, cross-country skiing tours and snow-shoe hikes through the forests of the Fischbach Alps. 

View from the village hotel Fasching on the natural swimming pond Fischbach
The "Teufelstein" in Winter